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This is my Bradley GT.  I have made some cutting off the roof!  I did this because the plexiglass doors and rear windshield were broken or cracked.  Since I never drove it with the doors on I just decided to make it a roadster. 

bradley003bradley011The left picture is of the Bradley in Alabama the day I bought it.  To the right is at home a couple of weeks later running, stopping, and lighting up!  You can see the broken drivers door laying on the back of the car in the first picture.
bradley05To the left you see the car with the top cut off with a recip saw.  I will trim it to the shape I want later.  On the right is a cardboard mock up of how the turtledeck will look.


bradley06bradley07More pictures of the cardboard mock up.

Below is a crude Photoshop of how I would like it to look when finished.


bradley11bradley12 These pictures are showing the Roll Bar in place temporarily to look at placement, height etc.  The roll bar is wraped in white foam as it is new and chrome and I dont want to damage the finish.  It is for a Miata but will fit nicely with some slight mods. I intend to build a tube structure to reinforce the pan and add some protection to the otherwise plastic car.



 Here you can see the windshield frame trimmed to shape.






Here are some pictures of the windshield frame reinforcement I am building.  Because I have removed the top there is no structure to support the wind load of the windshield.  This frame is made of 1/2 inch square tube and will be glassed into the original fiberglass frame.  It is also incorporating a place to mount some larger more standard power mirrors in the lower section.

bradley001 bradley002bradley004



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