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Hello!  My name is Jon Roberts.    That's me on the left beside a friend you may recognize, if you are into bikes.   He is another expert motorcycle guy, like me.jdrjon

I like to build stuff.  Sometimes I build regular stuff and sometimes I build special stuff.  I guess you could say I can build almost any kind of stuff.

The Sidecar you see attached to my 1970 BMW R75 Motorcycle, in the logo on this website, is an example of the type of stuff I build.  That sidecar was not purchased -- I built it... from scratch, as you can see in the "builds" section of this site. 

But don't get the impression that I only dabble with motorcycles!   In addition to motorcycles, I have also designed and built ornamental ironwork, "Rat Rods", Hot Rods, Dune Buggies, parts for airplanes, automobiles, trucks, tractors, lawn mowers, Kit Cars, and just about every other thing you can imagine.

If you have something in mind that you can't quite bring to completion, give me a call or send me an email.   We just might be able to work it out.



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