Day 2

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Day 2 was a Sunday.  I attend church in the morning and evening so I work (play) about 4 hours.  It started with pulling the cab off the original chassis.  I removed all the bolts, the steering column, the fuel tank, the pedals, the parking brake lever and then lifted it with my tractor snaking it over the shifter. 

I set the cab down on the frame to get an idea of what would be needed to get it channeled as much as was needed to get the look I wanted.  As you can see from the picture it needed to drop alot... it turned out to be a 6 inch channel.  Keep in mind I will be chopping the top also so the overall height will be much lower.


Now that I had an idea of the drop I wanted the floor was cut out to allow the body to drop.  The 6 inch drop also required a cut out in the rear of the cab for the frame rails to nestle into.  All of this was accomplished using the plasma cutter and the sawzall (reciprocating saw)










This brought the body down the 6 inches I wanted and allowed the necessary clearance to use some factory rubber body isolation mounts from a 70s ford truck.  Notice how the lower body line is now below the rear axle centerline as opposed to above as it was in the earlier picture.  I set the hood in place and slid the body forward a couple of inches till it looked 'right' with the front wheel vertically.  That was it for Day 2.



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