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This project appealed to me because it looked quick, fun and I had most things needed to complete it.  So I took a week off work and started the build.

On day1 I brought out a frame I had built earlier.  I built this frame with an honest, cut right
out of the car, Mustang II front suspension.  The rear suspension is the rear axle out of the Mustang in a 4 bar setup using the cut in half Mustang leaf springs in quarter eliptical fashion as the upper bars.

I had an engine I pulled from an 81 Mustang and a transmission from a 80 model ford truck.


The body for this build is a 1948 Ford F3 truck. It was a long bed but it will shortly be a very short bed!  I mounted the engine and transmission.


This is a mostly stock engine but should be plenty of power for a lightweight truck like this.ratrod8


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